Mojave Experimental Fly-In (MEFI)

5th Annual Indoor Free-Flight Event

Build & Fly Competition

Indoor RC Flying

April 12, 2019, 5PM - 11PM at the Stu Witt Center, Mojave Air & Space Port, Mojave, CA

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The 5th Annual Indoor Free Flight Event was a success! Thank you to our generous sponsors, volunteer help, and great guests!  We will be posting images on this page as we receive them.  Have any photos to share?  Please send them to the webmaster

2019 Champions

AMA Cub (Masters)

Bill Watson: Qual 41.8, Fly-off 42.66s

Don Link: Qual 47s, Fly-off 39.62s

Justin Link: Qual 26.8s, Fly-off 32.59s

Guillows Jetstream Class (Beginner)

Bradley Hecht: Qual 20s, Fly-off 17.47s

Bentley Hecht: Qual 17s, Fly-off 14.75s

Jack Lemen: Qual 4.6s + 10s

This is a purely volunteer-organized event.  Please send any feedback or questions here:

BEGINNERS CHOICE Guillows Jetstream


MEFI 2015 - 2019 Indoor Free Flight Event - Gallery

Radio controlled, free flight, and rubberband powered models indoors. A fun evening for aviation fans of all ages!

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