2nd Annual Indoor RC & Free Flight Build & Fly Competition

April 15, 2016 at the Stu Witt Center, Mojave Air & Space Port, Mojave, CA

2016 MEFI Indoor Competition Winners:

Back Row Left to Right:  Dave Gee, Art Siordia, Jeff Gee, Chris Cheney

Front Row Left to Right:  JT Nichols, Brandon Gee, Graeme Robbins, Nick Kreigh

Masters Class
Jeff Gee - 35.7 sec (ROG Bonus)
Brandon Gee - 35.1 sec (ROG Bonus)
Chris Cheney - 29.9 sec (ROG Bonus)

Delta Dart Class
Dave Gee - 30.8 sec
Art Siordia - 15.5 sec
Nick Kreigh - 7.1 sec

Youth Class
Nick Kreigh - 12.9 sec
JT Nichols - 11.2 sec
Graeme Robbins - 8.9 sec

Thank you to Epic Images & Air Space Media for the photography

Organizers & Volunteers

Rob Heap

Mason Hutchison

Mason Hutchison

Eric Brubaker, Brubaker Models

This is a purely volunteer-organized event.  Thank you for making the 2016 event a success!

Dave Metz

John Sturgeon

Jay Clark (right)

(Left to right)  Mason Hutchison, Nikki Brubaker, Ella Hutchison, Ben Myburg, Weston Hutchison

Laura Lynn Wyatt & Jake Wyatt (foreground)

BEGINNER'S CHOICE Midwest Super Delta Dart

MASTER'S CLASS Choice:  Peck Polymers R.O.G. Kit

MEFI 2016 Indoor Free Flight Event - Gallery

Photo Credit:  Epic Images by Laura Brubaker, un-marked images by Kane Wickham, Mojave Desert News, 2016


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