Join us for the

Mojave Experimental Fly-In

5th Annual Indoor Free-Flight Event

Build & Fly Competition

With Indoor RC Flying

April 12, 2019, 5PM - 11PM at the Stu Witt Center, Mojave Air & Space Port, Mojave, CA

Doors Open at 5PM

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Click for the event FACEBOOK page!

Click for the event FACEBOOK page!

The 2017 Indoor Event.

The 2016 Indoor Event.

The 5th Annual Indoor Free-flight Event is coming soon! This event is sponsored by Mojave Air & Spaceport, Mojave Transportation Museum, & the Mojave Experimental Fly-In.  It will include indoor free-flight kit build and flying competition, and indoor RC flying (open room).   Select from three rubber-powered model kits, find a building table, and begin the build. Later, the fly competition begins.  The competition is two hours and thirty minutes long.  The build portion (the first 120 minutes) will be for building and flight testing your aircraft.  The next half hour will be the qualification portion of the event where you get your best flight times recorded by an official.  And finally, a final fly-off of the top three airplanes in each class will reveal the winners!  Longest time aloft wins!  

Also happening during the build session is RC flying in the event center. The event center is a large Quonset-style building with a smooth floor ideal for rise-off-ground flying. The air handling system will be off so the room will be calm. Small, electric models as well as free-flight models are encouraged to attend. Weird aircraft is highly encouraged.

Pay at the Door day of event, Cash Only Please

$20 Participant (Builder & Competitor)

$5 Spectator/Parent (Pay at door only)

Small fee of $1.11 per ticket applies (so long, RC Flight Deck, thanks for the free ticketing!)

First come, First Served

Doors Open 5:00PM

Pizza Hot at 5:30PM

Participant gets:

  • Your choice of one Rubber-Powered model KIT (LIMITED SUPPLY)



  • Entry into fly-off competition, three tries, best time taken

  • Your choice of the many custom-designed free flight models

  • RC Indoor Model Flying (under 3 lbs & electric only, please)

  • Hot Pizza & Refreshments! (show up early while the pizza is hot!)

  • Building supplies provided (Glue, razor blades, & building table)

  • Excellent opportunity to teach your kids how to build model airplanes

  • Tons of fun people & and flying!

Spectator/Parent gets:

  • Your choice of the many custom-designed free flight models

  • Hot Pizza & Refreshments! (show up early while the pizza is hot!)

  • Help a child or partner build & compete

  • Tons of fun people & and flying!

MEFI 2019 Indoor Event Schedule - Daily schedule.JPG

This is a purely volunteer-organized event.  Please send any feedback or questions here:


BEGINNERS CHOICE Guillows Jetstream

Cessna 182 "chuck" glider by Rob Heap, MEFI 2015

Left to right: Lancair Legacy, Glasair, & Rutan Long EZ "chuck" gliders, MEFI 2015

2017 Chuck Gliders: Long EZ, Skigull, Danno's Flying Car, Cassutt Reno Racer.



Ciara Riggs: 21+ROG, 19.88+ROG (total 60.88) 

Bentley Hecht: 9.5+ROG, 20.6+ROG (total 50.1)

Bradley Hecht: 10.12+ROG, 9.1+ROG (total 49.2)


Bill Watson: 33.78+ROG, 33+ROG (total 86.78)

Justin Stinemetze: 32+ROG, 28+ROG (total 80)

Kai Singelis: 25+ROG, 25.8+ROG (total 70.8)


Vanessa Riggs: 26.22, 21 (total 47.22)

Anaya Riggs: 23.2, 23.6 (total 46.8)

Brandon Gee: 20.8, 15.1 (total 35.9) 

MEFI 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 Indoor Free Flight Event - Gallery

Radio controlled, free flight, and rubberband powered models indoors. A fun evening for aviation fans of all ages!

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