Indoor flying is very popular in our area, especially given the typical windy conditions.  Watch our Events Calendar section for announcements for Indoor Flying Events.


If you'd like to host an indoor flying event, please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you.


Basic Rules:

1)      Keep the middle flying area generally clear of small children (targets)

2)      No throwing projectiles at models

3)      model has to fly (no R/C cars)

4)      4 ounces or less (ask for exceptions)

5)      glider, electric, anti-gravity or rubber powered models okay

6)      depending on the variety of models that show up, there will probably be "flight windows for model types".

7)      many indoor events require model airplane liability insurance.  Kids under 19 years of age can immediately get free insurance through

Sponsored by the Tehachapi Robotics Club headed by teacher Danielle Evansic.