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May 23, 2017

Hangar 9 aircraft - Mike McConville SHOWTIME 4D

& Several Other Items

Never Flown

OS 120SE 4 stroke engine
Futaba servos
1. S9351 rudder
2.  S9551 elevator
2. S3152 aileron
Standard digital throttle
6 volt battery pack
tote bag for wings
Asking $375.00

Sadly, getting out of the hobby.  I have several engines, new and used, same with servos and receivers.  I have some nice planes too.  Plus, all the extra stuff you need, covering, flight box etc.   Too much to list all prices but here but here are some of the bigger ticket items. 

Hanger 9 Showtime 4d 90 with O/S 4 stoke motor and all gear, never flown $250

Superchip monk, with 55 O/S 2 stoke and all gear, never flown $175

New O/S 55 engine, still in box, $55

Still in the box Hangar 9 twist 40,  $50

Please contact for descriptions, or better yet contact me to stop by and see what I might have that may interest you.   I will be having a RC yard sale on June 11 starting at around 8am.

July 10, 2016

Great Planes Escapade 40 (Airframe Only)

Asking $50

November 25, 2015

Flyzone Hadron - $100

Receiver ready.  Flown a few dozen times, has some rash from landing and packing tape reinforcement on the underside.  In decent shape, but not pristine.  It's a fast flying wing with thrust vectoring so it can do some amazing tumbles, but it also slows down very well.  Flies on a 3S 2200mah or 4S 1800-2200mah battery, and several spare propellers are included.


September 14, 2014

Goldwing SU-26  36%

Goldwing SU-26. 
107” Wing span.
3W-106 TOC Engine. New Ignition.
Smart Fly 
Sullivan Sky Writer Smoke Pump
2X LiFe 2100 Mah for the Servos
1X LiFe 1300 Mah for ignition.
1X 2000 Mah NiMh for Smoke pump.
6X Hitec 7955’s 1X Hitec 7980 Rudder, Hitec 5625 Throttle
14 Chan Futaba 2.4 Rcvr.
Tru-Turn Spinner.
Wing Tote for main wing.
Turn Key 100cc 3D Airplane
Contact me for any questions.


$3,000.00  NOW LOWERED TO $2,700!


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