Updated November 10, 2019

New events & Next Club Meeting Announced Here! Amended Bylaws!

Powell’s B-17 as the Banner photo. Nice.

Thanks to Members for Helping Set up Ghoulden Hills for the Community Service District.

Upcoming Events

Weather data from Weather Station at Tehachapi Crosswinds Field.

Connect to it here: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KCATEHAC187

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Summer 2019

New sea container installed at the field! Check it out! Thank you to John Newman & Family for the opportunity to acquire exactly what we wanted. Also, thank you to the Club Officers and Members for the effort of installing it. Thank you!

New Years Day 2019

Hyundai-KIA Proving Grounds - October 13, 2018

July 4th 2018

New Years Day 2017

Flying field aerial shot January 18, 2017.

Jay Clark

A loop and a roll, that’s it. Then you’ll have a lucky year.
— One of the founding club officers who had a crazy idea

4th of July, 2016

Tehachapi Crosswinds thanks Al & Cathy Hansen for their help with the 2016 MEFI event. They received wing rib-shaped plaques and enjoy 4th of July Ribs by club president Scott Wyatt.

New Year's Day 2016 First Flight

New Year's Day 2016 First Flight - Good luck often comes at a price, such as cold windy flying days. Great job, Tehachapi Crosswinds!

Thank you to the officers of 2015: Left to right, Mason Hutchison, Melissa Metz, Matt Reed, John Sturgeon, & Bob Golk.

2015 Tehachapi Crosswinds RC Club Fun Fly

July 4, 2015 Fun Fly Event participants. What an enjoyable day!

2015 Club VP, Matt Reed, finds a new project!

Bomb Drop competition in full swing. Note the "bomb" ribbon released from the cup attached to the top of the fuselage.

A club favorite, the "Taxi-Fly-Taxi" event was quite popular. Eat a cracker, when you can whistle, then you can take off, fly a course, then land and stop in the box. It's surprisingly difficult to whistle after eating a single cracker! Try it!

2015 Fun Fly Event winners: Bri Brubaker, Eric Brubaker, and Dave Metz. Way to go! Special thanks to Brubaker Models for donating the prize medals!

Timed Flight competition at the 2015 Fun Fly. No timers allowed, try to fly a two-minute flight.

Dave Metz takes 3rd in the total points tally of the competition. Congrats, Dave!

(Left to Right) Melissa Metz, Dave Metz, and Rob Heap.

Pilot briefing for the fun fly events.

Kent Beal and his chilly Visionaire night flyer.

Event organizers Bob & Debbie Golk fold the flag at sunset. Not shown are organizers Wayne Sewell & Ron Burgess. Thank you for your effort organizing a great event!

Bill Fisher and his night-flying Visionaire.

“If you can dream, you can do it. And the only way to fail is to quit”
— Dick Rutan

A New Year's Day tradition, all of these pilots performed their lucky loop and roll. It was a great day for all! Tehachapi Crosswinds wishes good luck for the rest of the year!

Kent Beal and Bill Fisher enjoyed the first flight of 2015. They took off simultaneously at 12:15AM to claim first flight of the year together. And they roughed the 16°F, perfectly calm night to do it.

Bob Hoey's Presentation on "The Aerodynamics of Soaring Birds" June 2015

Club officers with special guest Bob Hoey. Left to Right: Mason Hutchison, Bob Hoey, Melissa Metz, & Bob Golk.

Father & Son demonstrate excellent flying skills before an audience of enthusiastic learners.

Snow flying after a recent storm.

The conclusion of a good flight.

Flying enjoyed by all ages.

Tales exchanged in the pits.... Nothing better.

Tales exchanged in the pits.... Nothing better.